Hello Opua, again

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 6 May 2015 08:05

Position           35:18.96 S 174:07.29 E

Date                Wednesday 06 May 2015 - 0905 (UTC+11) local time New Zealand


Distance run    8nm over the ground, 8nm through the water


Not quite a record but departing on time two days running is something of an achievement for the crew of Caduceus.  As with yesterday and the timing of the bridge opening, time was again of the essence.  High water in Opua at around 0900 made it a good time to arrive as the tide can run through the marina at over 2 knots which can make manoeuvring into a parking place more interesting than it ought.  The added advantage was that there was only the suggestion of a breeze.  The downside was that there was no help with lines forthcoming from the marina staff and not a soul on the pontoon.  The upside was that we made a textbook coming alongside with just the two of us in ideal conditions.


It was case of breakfast in berth.



An excellent berth but with potential pitfalls getting in if the tide and wind conspire