Tuesday 17 August 2010 Muros, Spain

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 17 Aug 2010 21:59

This was the other major outing day of the Rally.  At 09:15, in order to try to arrive at the high tide in the River Tambre, we boarded small fast fishing dories on the quay in Muros in groups of 6;  all trussed up in our life jackets – just in case.  A two hour trip took us up the Ria de Muros and into the River Tambre to the forest of Union Fenosa, an idyllic place in the river Tambre.  The scenery was stunning and something that we just would not have seen without the Rally organisation




The destination was a hydro-electric plant set in a wooded gorge.  The plant was inside a rather splendid stone building more reminiscent of a church that industry.


Lunch was served under huge oak trees.  As was the form for the rally – a jolly time was had by all and I, Martin, livened up the after proceedings with a spot of piping which went down remarkably well. 




The return journey was made by coach which allowed us to see yet another aspect of this beautiful part of Spain.