Time in Moorea and a passage to Huahine

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 16 Jun 2014 22:53

Position           16:47.56S 151:00.45W

Date                0940 (UTC -10) Friday 2 May 2014


Distance run – 97nm over the ground, 90nm through the water


We spent a couple of days in Baie d’Opunohu which gave us the opportunity to take a “hike” up the very pastoral valley where there is an agricultural college with the unusual sight of fit and healthy cattle, complete with passengers:



And got as far as one of the islands archaeological sites.



It may have only been 10km but we were pleased to be back at sea level.



Before we left Moorea we moved the boat out to Papetoi Bay where we were able to motor a couple of miles up the channel behind the reef and anchor before taking the dinghy a further 2 miles to get to a site where hotels take guests to see sharks and rays being fed.


A Ray and Black Tipped Reef Sharks

After such excitement we moved across to the other side f the entrance to Baie d’Opunohu and an anchorage that gave an easier exit for our departure at last light for the passage to Huahine some 90 miles to the north.  This was a popular decision and an armada of five Rally boats chose the same favourable wind to make the jump north.


Before we departed we set the pole for the genoa which proved the correct decision and we had a rolly downwind sail during the hours of darkness until with the dawn and land being sighted



the wind backed and we had a pleasant reach up the west side of the reef entering through Passe Avapehi into the sheltered waters surrounding Huahine.


The island of Huahine our anchorages and route around the reef


The other boats made their way towards Fare Village in the north but as we had not requirement for provisions or a restaurant, just a good post passage sleep we went south to Baie Haapu where we anchored in sheltered surroundings and crashed out.


Baie Haapu looking north east