Bermuda Day 1 - Off on time

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 30 Apr 2011 04:00

Position           19:16.18N 64:27.94W

Date                2359 – 29 April 2011


Well almost on time other than the fact that it takes getting on for five minutes to get the anchor up with 40 plus metres of chain out.


We left in company with Alice having agreed to endeavour to keep within sight and to maintain a three hourly radio schedule.



Leaving the Virgin Islands behind for 850nm across open Atlantic produced different feelings for us both, but essentially the same based on a reasonable fear of the unknown with a helping of excitement.



The islands made a great sight as they dropped quickly astern.  The conditions are ideal for Caduceus and for Alice as well, and we were able to average a good 8 knots on a close reach which quickly got us around the hazard of Anegada, water depth 18 metres, and over the shelf into a more comfortable 6 – 7000 metres.  Midnight saw us 48 miles on our way, a good start!