Clearing into Malaysia at Penang - some guidance information

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 9 Dec 2015 23:59

Date                Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 December 2015


Clearing into Malaysia at Penang was not a problem provided you knew where to find the various offices.  We were given misleading information which combined with my watch deciding to go on a go slow meant that not only did we walk a considerable distance looking for offices that did not exist but we ran out of time without realising it.  Hence the operation which should have taken one hour was spread over a late afternoon and an early morning.  So lost were we that we ended up on one of the Chinese Clan jetties and only realised that we were gate crashing a funeral when we saw the open casket – we beat a hasty retreat and found a customs office, still not the correct one but a source of correct information, on the next jetty.


So here is how it is done.  From Straits Quay take a taxi (25-30 Ringgits about £4.00) and get it to take you to the Immigration Office.


The Immigration Office, opposite the Queen Victoria clock tower.  The entrance is on the left side as you look at it


Immigration shuts at 1700.


Turn left out of the Immigration Office and walk about 250m along Light Street past some single story colonial period building to the Port Captains Offices.  This is cunningly disguised as the Affin Bank, which occupies the ground floor.  The Port Captain’s office is on the first (or second depending on your native culture) floor and the entrance is around the back.  It closes at 1700 and you require the document from that office and Immigration before you can proceed to Customs.


The building containing the Port Captain’s office viewed from across Light Street


It is now back passed the Queen Victoria clock tower and down to Swettenham Quay, about 300m, within which is housed the Customs Office – left hand side at the back of the ground floor car parking.  This closes at about 1930 and is open by 0800.


The road facing frontage of Swettenham Quay.  Customs on the left at the rear.