New Zealand Day 1 - Slow work to windward and too much west

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 5 Nov 2014 06:24

Position           24:03.97S 166:22.49E

Date                1200 (UTC +11) Wednesday 5 2014


Distance run – 126nm over the ground, 133nm through the water

Time from Noumea –22hrs 30mins


We were the last of the days departing yachts to leave Port Moselle and a slow motor directly into the wind for two hours to the Passe Boulari saw us out into the Pacific to join the fun following the other four boats, Firefly, Brizo, Trillium and Starblazer.  Flomaida, Circe, Tulasi and Chessie are to follow today.


The wind is stuck in the south east which means that we cannot even lay our most easterly intermediate waypoint of Norfolk Island.  There is also and not inconsiderable adverse current which makes the tacking angle rather greater than usual.  So is rather hard going making progress.  The good news is that the SSB radio schedule shows that we are all experiencing the same issue and it was reassuring to hear on the 0900 schedule that all boats had resorted to engine assisted sailing as the wind went lighter post dawn.  Engine use continued right through and beyond noon, but that is tomorrow’s story.


The Mate’s hard work galley bashing before we left meant that we have pre-prepared meals for the expected journey time.  This was greatly appreciated last night as early trip queasiness meant less time in the galley producing an excellent chicken in cream sauce and pasta.