Day 12 with Andrew - Breakout from Blue Lagoon ending up in Somosomo Bay

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 6 Oct 2014 06:43

Position           017:04.95S 177:16.61E

Date                1730 Monday 4 August 2014

Distance run from Blue Lagoon 41nm – 41nm through the water



The chart and track in purple may help, perhaps not.  Our first good idea was to go north to the anchorage of Sawa-i-lau where there is an interested guided swim into an underwater blue cave.  On arrival the weather was still too dismal and grey and the locals were definitely not coming out to play.  I did not wish to anchor anyway as we were getting 30 knot williwaws coming over and round the island in random directions.


Next good idea was to go further north to Land Bay where we anchored for a late lunch.  This was protected from the wind but deemed not conducive to water borne activities so we headed off south and eventually fetched up in Somosomo Bay on Naviti Island in time to watch the sun go down.