Cape Trafalgar and Barbete

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 13 Oct 2010 16:00

Position           36:11.06N 005:55.98W

Date                Wednesday 13 October 2010


Our sail from Cadiz allowed some really good sightseeing from see as we almost circumnavigated the isthmus upon which the old city is built in the process.  The whole process was made more entertaining by trying, first to overtake and then keep in front of this:



The next excitement was rounding Cape Trafalgar.  Whilst this is reputed to be have severe overfalls, we saw it on a benign day and a suitable libation to “The immortal memory” was made (Cape Trafalgar light is the white speck immediately above the stanchion):



We ended the day in Barbete, one of a series of excellent marinas run by the Empresea Pública de Puertos de Andalucia; Mazagon was another of theirs.  A text book Amel style stern to berth with a finger pontoon; which was just as well as the place was deserted with no handy passerby to take lines. The Amel technique is to go backwards until you hit the marina then hold the boat there using gently engine and bowthruster whilst crew (i.e. skipper) gets ashore with lines.