North to Deshaies

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 19 Mar 2011 16:00

Position           16:18.48N 61:47.91W

Date                1600 – 19 March 2011


Yesterday was spent at anchor off the Ilet à Cabrit which allowed for some more extensive snorkelling and a second walk up to Fort Josephine at the top of the island.  I wonder if, when naming this fort and Fort Napoleon on the summit of the island opposite, the worthies of the time, eager to ingratiate themselves with the emperor, as one does, considered leaving them staring at each other across a mile of water for eternity.


With a fresh baguette delivered before 0700 this morning, dropped into the cockpit we made a 0900 start across the Guadeloupe Channel towards the leeward, west side of the main island.  The sea in the inter island channel was unusually benign and a good force 4 gave a comfortable reach until we fell into the wind shadow of Guadeloupe.  It was then a day of intermittent sailing and motor sailing to Deshaies which lies at the north west corner of Guadeloupe where we anchored at 1430.


Warned by the Pilot Book we found a spot with a good amount of room to swing but tucked under the northern cliff to minimise the rise of swell.  “The wind funnels down the valley and hits the bay in shrieking gusts” – affirmative; thank heavens for a well protected cockpit.


We now intend to spend a few days enjoying Deshaies and perhaps hiring a motor car for a day trip to see some of the sites.