Southbound Day 1 - Camden for a spectacle and south west to Tenants Harbor

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 28 Aug 2012 16:50

Position           43:57.82N 069:11.70W

Date                1750 Tuesday 28 August 2012


The day started in Pulpit Harbor with pouring rain and no great inclination to go anywhere.  Sunshine breaking out mid-morning improved matters and we started to look for somewhere to make our first step back south west in readiness for the forecast north westerly’s on Wednesday.  Well the Mate, might have done some reading up in the Pilot if she could find her spectacles.  She hunted high, she hunted low; vague attempts to implicate the Skipper failed and of course she did not take them out when in the Chiropractors in Camden yesterday.  Fortunately we had a WiFi connection and working Skype, the cell phones both refusing to find a workable signal.  A call to the Chiropractors did of course reveal the hidden mystery.


Well, that solved where to go first.  The boatman, Jerry, at the Camden Yacht Club when asked for a temporary berth very kindly offered to go and collect them and bring them to us w in the Club launch when we arrived.  It was fortunate that we had all of the sails furled when the thunderstorm hit us 2nm before we got to Camden harbour as the 35-40 knot winds and zero visibility would have made picking up said specs a tad difficult.  However the rain cleared, the gale abated and under a watery sun we made what I expect to be our last visit to Camden this year.  It was looking very well washed.  Thank you to Jerry and John of the Camden Yacht Club for their kindness.


The wind being firmly from our intended direction of travel we motored south west with the Mate now able top peruse the pilot for possible destinations.  Past Rockland, 6 miles south west is a great passage between the islands and the mainland starting with Owls Head Bay and eventually leading to Tenants Harbor which we selected as a good stopping off point.


In the absence of a mooring buoy as advised in the Pilot we anchored safely outside the mooring field and settled down to an excellent smoked salmon pasta dish and retired very early to get some rest in readiness for a pre-dawn start and the forecast (fabled?) favourable winds.