Cape Town to St Helena Day 8 - An uneventful day

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 27 Jan 2017 04:39

Position                    21:23.39 S 000:31.32 E

Date                          2359 (UTC+2) Thursday 26 January 2017

Distance run             in 24hrs 170nm over the ground, 165nm through the water

Passage total            1222nm over the ground, 1161nm through the water

Distance to go          487nm

Planned distance      Cape Town to St Helena 1697nm


Possibly a case of no news is good news.  A combination of not having to stop to deal with hoisting the mainsail, the added speed gained from having a working mainsail and stronger winds gave us an additional 30nm on yesterday.  Despite a very rolly motion, Elizabeth bashed to pans and produced a tuna bake, one of my favourites.