ARC Day 6 - The Wind Gods are having a joke

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 27 Nov 2010 12:03

Position           19:32.53N 023:20.28W

Date                2359 UTC Friday 26 November 2010


We are getting bored with this game – I bet the ARC have a disclaimer about weather in their terms and conditions.  We thought of complaining to the Gods but we are currently working on the do not complain it might get worse principal.


Seriously, all going well, it is just deeply frustrating going nowhere fast and knowing that the next week has much of the same.  So far we have sat it out and not resorted to motor; we are however having to generates rather a lot, mainly I think due to the extra work that the autopilot has to do when we are slopping about.


The radio net had come up with a fishing competition.  We are finding it difficult with just two of us to work out when and who does the fishing and what happens if we catch anything.  I have therefore suggested on the net that we have a sailing/fishing version of fantasy football – we start with a fantasy crew and then catch fantasy fish, well it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Note the fantasy crew was not recruited by Elizabeth at the ARC opening party! (See earlier blog and photograph of male ‘artiste’)


The major excitement today was E giving me a haircut.  Given the rolling of the boat it was a declared a success that I still have two ears and a nose, and decidedly less hair than when we started.


Catering has to be the success story.  Lunch had beer bread rolls to a recipe taken down at the ARC provisioning seminar and dinner was a Delia Smith number, ”Creamed Chicken with avocado” served with mashed potato and French (Spanish?) beans. 


It is currently 02:00 UTC the wind is doing a mighty 5 knots up the stern, the cruising chute keeps giving a sigh and shrugging its shoulders and we are racing along at 2 – 2.5 knots – St Lucia in time to celebrate Burns birthday at the end of January perhaps?