San Blas Day 3 - A slight lull in proceedings

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 12 Jan 2014 08:54
Position 17:23.43N 075:30.08W
Date 1200 (EST) Saturday 11 January 2014

Approximately 85nm south east of Kingston, Jamaica
Days run 137nm - Distance over the ground 128nm

Just as we encountered a wind acceleration zone as we passed through the
Windward Passage so exactly as per the wind forecast GRIB files we
encountered an area of light and variable winds in the area bounded by Cuba,
Haiti and Jamaica. With a pole rigged for the genoa and the main goose
winged we maintained 4 to 5 knots through the water for most of the 24 hours
but with an adverse current of 1 and at times up to 2 knots it was slow
going. Overnight we had to resort to 4 hours of engine to punch our way
through the failing wind and back out into the stronger Trade Winds south of

Noon saw us once again with 20 to 25 knots of easterly wind and a large sea
with the differing wave and swell pattern occasionally providing large dumps
of water over the deck and cockpit; the hardtop has been earning its keep.

The upside of the windy conditions and our general speed means that our
updated rig of solar panels, wind generators and the new water powered
Hydrogenerator has produced most of our electrical power. The wind
generators for once have found conditions in which to thrive.

The downside of the robust conditions is that movement about the boat has
been more difficult and the Mates pre-prepared meals and the odd tin of
pasta have been the highlights on the catering front. There has been no
problem in being rocked, shaken and stirred; sound sleep a slightly bigger
problem, tiredness and acclimatisation will solve the later problem.