Uligan - A few days to recover

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 4 Mar 2016 22:59

Date                 Tuesday 1 to Friday 4 March 2016


Taking a few days off in Uligan to recover and sort ourselves out was a good idea.  Assad the Real Sea Hawks Agent was always on hand with advice, contacts and organisation.  We successfully recruited him as a Port Officer Representative for the Ocean Cruising Club, our first POR in the Maldives, he will be a very useful contact for Club members who come this way and it should be good for his business.  Whilst we were in Uligan a further four boats arrived from Sri Lanka



Assad organised a Cruisers Dinner of local food in a village house



Fuel delivery was efficient and cleanly done.  Assad organised and supervised everything


Although the community had an excellent looking modern dispensary with a Bangladeshi Doctor word got around that there was an English lady doctor visiting, a leak from the immigration official probably, and Assad asked if Elizabeth would do a house call to provide some advice.



Elizabeth looking suitably impressed by Assad’s wheels