47:23.03N 2:56.66W 07:00 Monday 12 July 2010 Ile Houat

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 12 Jul 2010 12:11
The wind gods were obviously having a day off as it blew no more than 4kts
all day and at that it was very variable. We tried to pole out a foresail
which provided some entertainment and 2.5 hrs slow sailing before the wind
died again until after dawn. No complaints however from the catering
department who produced an excellent curry on a relatively level playing

Another change of plan was made to fit in with timings and to allow the
weather to sort itself out. We passed the north of Belle Ile to port just
before dawn and had enough light to see the buoys and also the lights for
the Passage de la Teignouse into Quiberon Bay.

We anchored in Treac'her Goured bay on the south east side of Ile Houat at
exactly 0700 and 48 hours after leaving Dartmouth. This bay, so the Pilot
Book declares, is one of the finest beaches in Brittany, In the noon day
sun, having had a morning's sleep, it certainly looks it.