Lehok Uwadi - There be dragons!

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 26 Oct 2015 23:59

Date                Saturday 24 to Monday 26 October 2015


Lehok Uwadi was a great anchorage which whilst it has openings to both the South East and the South West was not on the receiving end of swell, or at least not whilst we were there.  We thought that we had it to ourselves but sometime after dark an intrepid Australian couple, Andrew and Jade aboard the catamaran Hoot out of Brisbane, crept in.  Apparently it was our radar image that gave them the confidence to anchor.


First the boring stuff.  Saturday I gave the boat a much needed wash and we went dragon spotting.  Sunday I got around to once again re-attaching the UV protector to the genoa.



This involved sewing over the fill length of the sail foot twice and I was very pleased to have the sewing machine.  We may not use it very often but when we do it is magic.  Repairs to the roll up doors on the cockpit were also made, so a useful morning.


And now to dragons!  Komodo Dragons are found on the islands of Komodo, Rinca and a couple of others that are grouped together in the Komodo National Park.  As it says in the book they can run, swim, climb and bite and can be lethal.  Definitely something to be observed from a distance.  We had planned to visit the Ranger Station in the north of Rinca to view the beasts, a sail of 35nm out of our way, but as it happens that was not necessary as they came to a nearby beach, attracted by a local charter boat that threw food onto the beach.  No maidens chained to rocks in this saga.  We also had mooring and evening sightings, from the boat, as the odd one patrolled the beach.  There were also sightings of wild pig and deer all of which were understandably, as dragon food, nervous and easily startled into flight.


A flock, a herd or is it a blaze of dragons


This one was a good 2.5m.  They can run at up to 30km per hour.  Keep well clear