La Rochelle Wednesday 21 July 2010

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 21 Jul 2010 17:46
We have now been in La Rochelle for a week and a very busy week it has
been. As well as carrying out the upgrade to the mast, the job that we
originally came here to have done, Amel have been busy helping to sort out
all sorts of other bits and pieces so that the boat is back to full
original working order.

Elizabeth has been busy re-stowing and generally finding a home for
everything whilst I now have a properly functioning computer network,
important to me, a long list of jobs now at least 50% ticked and a much
cleaner boat. We both felt that on our departure that the outside of the
boat was looking rather sad; the effect of sitting in a boat yard for 7
months. It has now been restored to something like its former self and we
are much happier with the result.

Life has not been all work. We have met the other Amel 54 owner taking
part in the ARC in November; Kai Liljebladh, Amelit, is from Sweden and
whilst our boat interior has much of the English country cottage about it
his identical boat takes on the appearance of minimalist Swedish chic - no
clutter! how does he manage? We hurried back and had a vigorous tidy up.

Current intention, subject to weather is to leave La Rochelle for La
Coruna next Tuesday, 27 July.