Day 2 with Alice and Stuart - Anchored off Nanu-i-Ra North E ast. Viti Levu

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 6 Oct 2014 06:09

Position           017:18.48S 178:13.42E

Date                1706 Wednesday 9 July 2014


Distance run from Vitogo Bay 51nm - 47.6nm through the water



This not particularly up to date chart will at least give an idea of where we were going.  Lautoka and Vuda are bottom left and Nanu-i-Ra is in the top right the total distance from Vuda being 64nm.


The waypoints are all from Curly’s Waypoints.  There was clear water despite this chart showing a different picture.  Fortunately our up to date Navionics and C-Map charts show a better picture, but even that must be treated with great caution as in this part of the world the survey is neither complete nor accurate.  Curly’s waypoints however are well tested and we relied on them and direct observation.  We reached Nanu-i-Ra at the end of a rather grey day and hunkered down for the night ready to make an early start on the morrow.