Richards Bay to Cape Town Day 5 - Passed Port Elizabeth

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 29 Nov 2016 22:00

Position                    34:19.07 S 026:46.60 E

Date                         2359 (UTC+2) Tuesday 29 November 2016

Distance run             in 17hrs 15mins 137nm over the ground, 126nm through the water

Passage total            483nm over the ground, 427nm through the water

Route distance         To Cape Town 898nm, via East London (338nm + 560nm)


(There has been a long delay in getting these entries posted – apologies but we have been rather busy)


We were up at 0530.


The cold light of dawn – East London anchorage looking seaward


During our slumbers hundreds of Mercedes C class saloons, manufactured in the East London plant, had miraculously and more importantly quietly appeared on the quay – you could have any colour provided it was black, white or silver.  We definitely required to get away before the car transporter ship arrived.


We managed to time our departure with that of the ship in the photograph.  The harbour entrance is narrow enough for the Port Captain not to want a merchant ship and two tugs jostling for position with a sailing boat.  Twenty minutes of milling about saw the way clear and we passed the breakwater at 0700 with a light breeze of 9 knots still blowing from the west.


By noon the wind was round to the east but still at around 10 knots and given the nature of weather windows we applied whatever engine was required a speed over the ground of 7.5 knots.


Port Elizabeth was passed at 1600.


Any colour provided it is black, white or silver