Mazagon and an exciting exit from Faro

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 10 Oct 2010 16:00

Position           37:07.87N 6:49.93W

Date                Sunday 10 October 2010       


The weather forecast may have been good, there may have been less than 2 knots wind but the exit to the sea at Cabo St Maria was exciting.  Hindsight being 10/10 and with the benefit thereof, a heavy swell running into a small gap with 4 to 5 knots of ebb tide going the other way with us aboard was always going to produce some interesting waves for us to get through.  Sorry, no photographs; we were a little busy at the time.


The remainder of the day’s sailing to Mazagon was much less eventful and followed the usual pattern of motoring during the morning and finishing with a few hours decent sailing when the wind filled in.  We did have the benefit of dolphins and some sunshine which allowed me to start taking sun sights with the sextant. 


I was pleased to get my noon sight latitude within 2nm.  I have a PC programs that works out the result which is a handy as a check against the more involved paper and table method; the latter being a useful failsafe as it depends on enthusiasm as a motive force rather than electricity.


Cook says that I should mention the excellent hot dogs that we had for lunch and whilst I am handing out the laurels, the stir fry for dinner wasn’t half bad either.