A few days in Telaga Harbour, Langkawi and some shopping hints

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 16 Dec 2015 23:59

Date                Sunday 13 to Thursday 17 December 2015


Having checked in to Telaga Harbour and enjoyed a meal ashore we set to on Monday to find parcels containing spare parts that had been delivered.  The Ocean Cruising Club Port Officer, Tony Bolingbroke had kindly taken delivery of three of the four (DHL) which meant that we were not trailing around marinas into which we had not been able to book.  With the aid of a hire car from our marina and advice by telephone from Tony we set off to the main town of Kuah, 16km away, to find the fourth parcel that had been sent by New Zealand Post and was a little overdue.  The first “main” post office did not deal with parcels but with some unusually clear directions we found the parcel office and after a 5 minute wait they produced the parcel.  It was down for the delivery the following day.  For all of the parcels, having followed the clear instructions of how to label them with the correct harmonised tariff code included there was no hassle from customs and no duty paid; Langkawi being a duty free island and visiting yachts getting special treatment.


Day 2 we made contact with fellow OCC member Anthony Swanston on Wild Fox.  Anthony had managed to book into Rebak Island Marina and we picked him up from their ferry dock. A very pleasant day was spent catching up over coffee and lunch with some exercise climbing the 550 steps to the top of the Seven Wells Waterfall.  Elizabeth took the waters.



And managed to stop before she got to this bit:




Seven Wells Waterfall showing signs of the dry season


The monkeys are fun to watch but not if you happen to have left a bicycle for them to play with.


Having taken a bite out of the seat this chap is not sure if he has made amistake


The remainder of our time was taken up finding shops, in particular finding the Soon Huat Supermarket in Mat Sirat, about 2km from the airport, where duty free Gordon’s Gin came out at £5 per litre.  Directions – from the traffic lights in the centre of Mat Sirat go east along the 114 and it is 1.2km on the left opposite a Petronas Fuel Station.  Another good find was the Sailors Butchers Shop which is on the 114 road from Mat Sirat towards Telaga, about 2km after the traffic lights in Mat Sirat heading north ‘ish, and on the left hand side.  It is not where the Google Map linked to the web site puts it.  Sailors is run by ex-pat South Africans and have a great range of meat, sausages and pies all vacuum packed – for sailors.


A further good find was the Seven Roofs Restaurant, they have a web site.  Excellent food, nice surroundings with a local clientele.  This is about 300 metres after the traffic lights coming from Telaga, about 3-4 km, turn right off the 114 onto the 115 and it is round the right hand corner and on the right.


Clearing out took a little longer than it might due to the challenge of finding the individuals in their offices, in the correct order.  Both the Port Captain and the Customs Officer appear to be one man bands which means if they are required to go elsewhere the office is closed until they return.  The one office that appears fully manned is immigration which has to deal with ferry passengers arriving from Thailand on a regular basis.