Gaafar Fahru - Another overnight stop on our journey south

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 15 Mar 2016 16:50

Position           04:46.202 N 073:27.303 E

Date                 1650 (UTC+5) Tuesday 15 March 2016

Distance run    42.1nm over the ground


After a late arrival at Diffushi we had a reasonably early start for our next staging post at Gaafar Fahru (and there seem to be about 4 different spellings of this one).  Our aim is to within a couple of hours of Male in an interesting anchorage so that Flomaida can join us whist they await the delivery of spare parts.


This was another anchorage in the middle of open water and on the basis that that does not make for an interesting photograph have a look at the Google Earth overlay downloaded for the chart plotter program OpenCPN.


The pass at Gaafar Fahru and our track in and out


The channel through the reef is about 100metres wide at its narrowest and in good sunlight you can see both sides easily; a couple of hours before sunset and you lose visibility especially if you are looking to the west.  The anchorage is on a sandy shelf just inside the pass and provided a calm overnight stop.