Langkawi to Uligan Day 7 - Sri Lanka to Starboard

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 28 Feb 2016 09:26

Position           05:50.65 N 079:17.95 E

Date                 1200 (UTC+7) Sunday 28 February 2016

Distance run    in 24hrs 192nm over the ground, 155nm through the water

Trip total         1228nm over the ground, 1049nm through the water

To go to          Uligan, Maldives 386nm – 1,605nm total route distance


We passed 20nm off Dondra Head at 0215, the red line on the chart showing our track and the red circle our position at 03:45.




|Flomaida took a course 3 miles to our north and they definitely won the “in the thick of the shipping” competition.  The wind held well into the morning which we did not expect and we did not have to resort to wind shadow diesel until 11:30. 


If you want to know what we do with all this spare time we have just sitting around it is all very reminiscent of the Army.  Los of sitting around followed by periods of intense activity.   This morning’s activities included detaching the salt water cooling pipes for the refrigeration system, checking the working of the pump and then circulating Barnacle Buster through the system for an hour to remove fouling.  This did not cure the occasional, and as yet undiagnosed, problem that we get with refrigerator No 2, which we usually use as a freezer, whereby it ceases to cool to the correct temperature.  The IA (immediate action) for this problem is to take everything out of both chest fridges and swap them over.  This job overall took the thick end of four hours.  Well you did ask?