Shades of holidays in North Wales - Sheltering from the rain at Ile Coin

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 25 Apr 2016 03:03

Date                 Friday 22 April 2016 to Saturday 23 April 2016


But at least the rain was warm and Friday was fine enough to get ashore onto Ile Coin and to snorkel some of the shore reef during which we had three separate sightings of black tip reef sharks which seemed much more curious than those that we encountered in the Maldives.  We must remember to take the camera on all our underwater jaunts.


Looking towards the north end of Ile Coin and the sandbank extending towards Ile Anglais

The ruins of a concrete jetty can be seen on Ile Coin


Ashore, the remains of the small settlement are rapidly being consumed by the forest


Wildlife ashore or a creature from another world?


The first bird photograph for some time as we have not seen any birds or land close to