New Zealand Day 6 - Sail east then cut and run

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 10 Nov 2014 07:30

Position           32:32.21S 171:22.66 E

Date                1200 (UTC +11) Monday 10 2014


Distance run    Last 24 hours 149nm over the ground, 155nm through the water

                        Distance (OG) covered from start 843nm

                        Distance to destination 220nm 110nm made in the day

                        Original distance to Opua (direct route) 890nm


Having made our tack to the east we ploughed on in that direction still with 20 knots of wind and waves of 2 to 2.5 metres.  Speaking to Trillium and Circe it appeared that they had decided to motor more directly towards North Cape.  We decided  that we would continue as we were overnight as I did not fancy motoring into the waves as they were and we were making reasonable progress towards our destination on a starboard tack albeit not directly.    Brizo having started motoring earlier and also keeping well up to windward reported being in sight of land at 0900; they had made a good call and we understand they have a deadline to meet for returning crew to Opua.


There was another factor that came into play.  The genoa power furler ceased to function with, fortunately 2 reefs in.  This allowed us to continue as we were but would require work o the bow to wind the sail in using the manual socket and this would more ideally be done in daylight when the Mate came on watch.  It is likely that the drive belt in the furler has failed; we have a spare but if possible it is job to be done in harbour.  In the meantime a battery drill plus adapter would serve to furl the sail when required but at the expense of sitting at the bow whilst doing it.  The furler has done well as this is the first failure of a replaceable part in 7 years and there is a manual override


Thus at 1100 in bright sunshine with a slightly decreased sea we furled the genoa, mizzen and staysail and under tightly sheeted main laid a course directly towards North Cape and more or less in the wind and swell.  The timing was right as we were able in the slightly decreasing conditions with a longer swell to make around 6 knots.  The days run of 149nm against ground gained towards our destination of 110nm.


Dinner was Skipper reheated job of Coq au Vin which is close as we have come to alcohol during the trip.