OCC Rally Day 2 - Kent Cove raft up

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 19 Aug 2013 15:20

Position           44:08.54N 068:50.33W

Date                1620 (EDT) Monday 19 August 2013


Passage Run – 14nm – 16nm over the ground


Add loads of washing before refilling the tank, cleaning and tidying to receive visitors, shopping and filling with 800 litres of water and you may see why it was 1420 before we got away from Camden.  This left us in somewhat of a hurry as we were due to form part of the raft for the evening party in Kent Cove.  Whilst others had the luxury of playing with the light and at times fluky wind we had the excuse to motor sail in order to arrive just in the nick of time.


The raft up was a great success, large numbers of OCC’ers scrambled between boats and subjected Caduceus to inspection which made the cleaning and tidying worthwhile.


Later in the evening Rodney was seen telling Doug and Dale Bruce, the organisers of the Rally and Regional Rear Commodores, one of his dreadful jokes.