Southbound Day 5 - The Flud and then Wings Neck to Block Island

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 6 Sep 2012 22:59

Position           41:11.45N 071:34.69W

Date                Thursday 6 September 2012


Wednesday produced wind and rain of biblical quantities.  When it eventually stopped and we were able to stick out heads out of our very soggy canvas deck house I had the sort of experience that Noah must have had, only his took 40 days and 40 nights.  The world had a very well washed appearance.


Thursday bright and early, no wind and a brilliant sunrise saw us away at 0630 motoring for the 50 odd miles to Block Island.


At anchor in the dawn looking north out through the entrance of Wings Neck


When the wind filled in it of course was very much on the nose but we managed to get a small amount of main up which drew enough to limit the rolling as we headed out of Buzzards Bay and met the full Atlantic swell.


We dropped anchor at 1415 just astern of ‘Plover’ the Dickerson 42 belonging to Chris and Bill Burry whose dock we stayed at in May/June.  They have been up to Nova Scotia and are on their way south back to the Chesapeake.  Chris and Elizabeth repaired ashore for a walk whilst Bill kindly acted as deck buddy whilst I dived to take a look at the salt water intake and clear any obstruction.  Once again we appear to be getting problems with restricted salt water flow which makes the engine run hot and causes the water maker to switch itself off at random times.  Just like old times, rodding drains. 


I hen had a go at clearing various other possible problem areas but to no avail and ended up with a worse situation than that with which I had started.  There now appeared to be a complete blockage and my hands are covered in small cuts from the sharp marine growth.  There was nothing for it but to dismantle the salt water intake strainer.  That however is a job for the morrow.  Bill and Chris came for cocktails and dinner, the Mate having produced an excellent Chilli con carne.


Sleep on the problem.