Five Islands Harbour for the night

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 31 Mar 2011 14:00

Position           17:05.16N 61:54.07W

Date                1500 – 31 March 2011


Elizabeth and Kate disappeared to find some provisions and John and I took ourselves off to check out of Customs and Immigration.  The customs officer in Jolly Harbour has a fearsome reputation, definitely a negative for Antigua which the tourism ministry would do well to tackle.  The absence of boats, in particular from the USA in Jolly Harbour is evidence of the success of the negative marketing.


As so often happens when you have geared yourself up to resist an onslaught nothing happened – she was out at lunch!  The other staff were pleasant and cheerful, definitely a case of “While the cat’s away...”.


All aboard and we moved just around the corner to find a good anchorage for the night between Bakers Cellar and Stony Horn, a lovely beach and the small bay to ourselves.


The engine overheating is not cured!