Black Point and a church fund raiser

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 31 Mar 2012 22:59

Position           24:06.20N 076:24.25W

Date                Saturday 31 March 2012


Spring must be coming, well the stirrings of requiring to do a bit of boat spring cleaning made themselves felt.  Getting the salt off the outside is easy of you have unlimited water.  When you are making all of the stuff it pays to be somewhat parsimonious but he job had to be done, at least on the hatches and cockpit windows.  We can now see where we are going and today that was all of 9 miles to the Black Pint Settlement where the guide promised us something a little less frenetic than Staniel Cay and a charming local community.


The guide is not wrong.  AS we are getting used to having little depth feeling our way into the anchorage with a metre under the keel was less stressful  than in the past and we anchored in  just under a metre a 100m away from Richard and Penny on Penelope, last seen in Morgan’s Bluff.


They took us ashore in their dinghy to visit the Baptist Church fund raiser which had food, dancing girls




and a generally sociable gathering of the local community who welcomed us most warmly.


Black Point appears to be a thriving community and much better ordered and tidy than others that we have visited.  One of the cottage industries is the weaving of palm leaves into long mats that are then taken to Nassau and sewn into baskets and other items for the tourist trade.