50:47.96N 1:07.18W Tuesday 6 July 2010 Gosport

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 11 Jul 2010 15:25

Moored in Gosport Marina opposite HMS Victory.  More jobs were completed and teething problems with the VHF radio and the interface between radar and chart plotter were sorted.  The radar was easy – move the metal objects out of the locker next to the radar heading compass, the VHF was diagnosed as a dry joint and duly fixed.


We were delighted to be visited by John and Mary Alexander.  John as Martin’s Squadron Commander started him offshore sailing in 1971 and hence can be held responsible what has subsequently happened on the sailing front! (only kidding). We also had a visit from Howard Horne, another army friend but this time from the years spent with 2nd Armoured Division in Bunde, West Germany.


Alice and Oscar dog arrived late afternoon and I (Elizabeth) was very conscious that it was the last time that we would see them for some considerable time.  Oscar responded to extensive cuddles in his own very happy fashion.  In the evening we were joined by Sally, Martin’s sister, and two of her three children, Iona and Robbie.  Husband Mark was glued to the football and Isla was taking a horse riders saftey course and test.  More bubbly and a very jolly meal in the Castle was followed by waving everyone goodbye – Oscar off with Sally and family to his new home.