Day 8 with Andrew - Looking for Manta Rays then to Blue Lago on in rising wind

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 6 Oct 2014 06:43

Position           016:56.55S 177:21.93E

Date                1520 Thursday 31 July 2014

Distance run from Nanuya 22nm – 22nm through the water


The weather looked as though it was deteriorating and having motored around the corner to the north end of Nanuya and the Manta Ray Passage and anchored I decided to stay on board on anchor watch whilst Elizabeth and Andrew attempted to spot the elusive Manta Rays.  Unfortunately whilst there were a lot of guests from the resort to look at, the Manta Rays were not in evidence.  The anchor watch was justified as whilst the team were away the wind freshened and backed putting us closer to the reef, not in danger but definitely making it time for an exit.


A robust sail north got us into Blue Lagoon from the west side and into sheltered waters.  The reefs and island keep the swell out but the wind was coming directly across the island.  It was great to see friends Jonathon and Donna from Chez Nous.


Chez Nous in the Blue Lagoon anchorage