Union and the Tobago Cays

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 11 Jan 2011 18:00

Position           12:37.99N 61:21.49W

Date                1800 - 11 January 2011


After a reasonably peaceful night at anchor at Hillsborough we set off fro Union to clear into St Vincent and the Grenadines.  We seem to have established a pattern here and found a pair of boat “boys” who said that James, the man we used last time, was not working but they provided the same buoy and water taxi service for the sum of EC$60 – it save a great deal of hassle.  We saw James whilst walking around Clifton – diagnosis a large hangover so sit in the sun.


The immigration office was functioning this time so no walk out to the airport and we were all done in time for some shopping and a Roti lunch overlooking the anchorage.




(Puts new meaning into Apple Computers!)


A short sail took us to a vary crowded Tobago Cays and with a steady 25 knots of wind blowing we played it safe and anchored well clear of the other boats but with some shelter from the islet of Bardell.


Due to the waves charging through the anchorage the proposed snorkelling trip was abandoned until the morrow.


Catering notes – dinner was turkey, Christmas style, complete with cranberry sauce.  Well we have to show our visitors that the Caribbean has style!



The picture is of one of the entrances into the Tobago Cays taken from the island of Mayreau.  The yachts at anchor are actually in the entrance channel, Bardell is the island in the middle and the main anchorage is above the anchored yachts, out of sight behind then nearest island.  The water is breaking onto the reef that protects the Cays and beyond that is Africa!