Yo, ho, ho at Morgan's Bluff - a lazy week

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 23 Mar 2012 22:40

Position           25:10.64N 078:01.64W

Date                1830 Friday 23 March 2012


It has been great to be away again lying at anchor and without crowds of boats around.  The island of North Andros is certainly not on the main tourist track; we are endeavouring to leave the fleshpots of Nassau and Providence well alone.


Morgan’s Bluff has of course Captain Morgan’s Cave but any treasure is long gone or well buried




Up until December there was a regular daily traffic of the large water tankers Titan and Goliath from Nassau into the quay in the outer part of the harbour taking millions of gallons every day and supplied from the natural aquifers on the island.  The introduction of a desalination plant in Nassau has stopped the traffic.


The quay remains unused and unloved with only the statutory sunken ships for company.



The small harbour here seen behind the aft part of Caduceus takes some fair sized ships.



The skill of the masters’ in manoeuvring their ships in confined spaces is most impressive.



You do not get entertainment like this in the bar of the Fleece in Coggeshall, but there again it has walls for when it rains.  The red ship has just come off the dock and is manoeuvring back to almost touch the stern of the green ship before turning on its stern to point down the narrow channel out of the harbour.


Some walking and a cycle ride have kept us entertained as has two evenings being introduced to Rummikub by Richard and Penny from the cat Penelope.


Tonight, all things being equal we intend to sail down the deep water Tongue of the Ocean in order to cross the very shallow banks to the Exumas during good daylight.