Bodufinolhu - with regular displays by Spinner Dolphins

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 25 Mar 2016 14:55

Position           03:31.686 N 072:43.458 E

Date                 1455 (UTC+5) Friday 25 March 2016 and on through 26 and 27 March 2016

Distance run    37.7nm over the ground


Flomaida discovered a water leak from their main engine raw water pump and decided, very sensibly, that rather than press on they would return to Male to have the seals replaced and the alternator, which conveniently sits under the water pump, checked over.  We agreed to press on southwards and meet up somewhere down the road.  Leaving Ellaidhoo was interesting as it was low water.  The channel in is narrow and shallow and we arrived at high water when we saw a least depth of 1.8 metres under the keel.  We also now had bits of reef visible that were not there yesterday.  With a “Job” like warning from Dagmar we cautiously motored through the channel with the benefit of no current. Ha! Breath sigh of relief! Easy Peassee!  No problems – minimum depth 1.2m under the keel (3.2m actual).


So south we went through the Ari Atoll, resort spotting.  It seemed that the odd island had a local village and everywhere else had a resort.  Where do all these people come from to make the resorts economically feasible? 


Our track from Male in the top right via Velassaru Faru then west to Ellaidhoo and south to Bodufinolhu where we anchored on the edge of the channel in 12-15 metres


Today’s run was definitely around the reefs using a combination of Google Earth and most importantly a sharp lookout.  The light was very good so that shallow areas stood out very prominently.  Extending the diary entry, we spent three nights at Bodufinolhu.  The inner reef to our east provided some good snorkelling with a wonderful variety of fish.  There were also regular parades of Spinner Dolphins to entertain us as they hunted in the channel passed the boat.


Three nights meant it was well worth putting up the centre and aft sun awnings

Camping meets boating and what a difference it makes to our comfort



A passing pod of Spinner Dolphins on the hunt