43:07.83N 9:10.54W Tuesday 3 August 2010 Camarinas, Spain

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 3 Aug 2010 17:40

Reveille at 06:00 and leave at 07:00 was met with a complete lack of enthusiasm from us both.  It was dark and there was absolutely no wind. Solution - go back to sleep for two hours – still no wind but at least we could see the muesli.


One hour motoring saw the wind fill in from the North East, perfect for the 60nm trip to Camarinas which is after and sheltered behind Cabo Villano.  There are three major capes in this neck of the woods, happily known as the Costa del Morte (I suspect no translation of that is required) Cabo Vilano, Cabo Torinana and the really big one Cabo Finesterre.


We saw the coast today in benign sunshine, however the day had a sting in its tail with 25-30kt gusts as we came into Ria de Camarinas.  It took 5 attempts to get the anchor to hold and we shipped a certain amount of weed and mud in the process.  Any guesses as to who ended up wearing it – and it wasn’t the skipper.


We are now comfortably anchored, the wind is still blowing 20kts and Bill and Ben, the wind generator men, are happily singing to each other and more importantly producing power as are the solar panels, even at 19:30.  Dinner is on and beckoning.  Pork Chops in a tomato sauce, I am reliably informed; “plus ça change, plus ça même chose”.


Tomorrow Cabo Finesterre!