Day 9-11 with Andrew - Take cover, and then it blew

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 6 Oct 2014 06:43

Position           At anchor in Blue Lagoon, Yasawa Islands

Date                Thursday 1 to Sunday 3 August 2014


Having had two weeks of no wind with Alice and Stuart the reverse seems set to happen with Andrew.  Fortunately he was happy to relax in the secure anchorage of Blue Lagoon with outings snorkelling, walking ashore and evenings together with Donna and Jonathon from Chez Nous.


The top of the mast was definitely getting the wind over the island with regular speeds of 30 knots being seen.  It made for wet dinghy rides ashore but at least the landing beach was well protected and out of the worst of the wind and with no swell



The Blue Lagoon resort


Caduceus. Taken from the hill behind the resort.  The ensign shows the wind