Tonga Part 2 - Ark Gallery and Kenutu

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 21 Sep 2014 03:17

Position           18:42.03S 173:55.83W (Kenutu)

Date                Thursday 12 June 2014


Having returned to Neiafu for some World ARC festivities and a briefing on Fiji we watched many of the boats depart for Fiji whilst we, having dropped out of the Rally were able to stay behind and enjoy more of the Vava’u Islands.


A visit to the Ark Gallery, the artists floating home, provided some good locally produced souvenirs and gifts.



Whilst across the bay was the Spanish Tapas Restaurant


that did a special Sunday evening opening for 12 of us.  Excellent food, BYO booze and live entertainment were enjoyed by 9 of us from Caduceus, Folie a Deux and Trillium.  The presence of the house goat, a dog and a couple of sociable cats helped set the scene.


The Mate getting to know the livestock and having a dog fix.


From there with some intricate navigation through the reefs, helped by recording Chez Nous’ AIS track we anchored with Chez Nous, Jonathon and Donna Robinson, off Kenutu one of the eastern most of the island group.  Its ocean facing side provided some very dramatic breaking swells.



This is the scene from the other side of the island, i.e. where we were anchored, and is the swell breaking over the gap which is in the middle right of the previous photograph.



– and this was a calm day.