OCC Chesapeake Rally - Day 4 Rally's End Annapolis

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 5 Jun 2013 10:00

Position           38:57.43N 076:31.82W

                        Crab Creek, South River, Annapolis

Date                1100 Wednesday 5 June 2013


Days run          9.85nm - 10nm over the ground


Not far today, and under engine we followed Dovka to Crab Creek.  Unfortunately I do not have a photograph of the buoys at the entrance to the creek, which have changed since our last visit in 2011.  As you approach the red buoy appears to be to port (left) and the green to starboard (right).  OK for the UK but not for the USA where the convention is red to port going seaward.  The solution to this conundrum is one of perspective as you leave the red close to starboard before rounding it and then doubling back to leave the green close to port.  The depth between the buoys at low water (‘ish) incidentally was 0.4m under our 2m keel.



Most of the fleet went into Annapolis harbour but we chose Crab Creek as it is much quieter, anchoring is free and we wished to stay after the Rally and get some fixing done.


Rebecca had organised a conducted tour around the Naval Academy which was preceded by a visit to the exhibition of paintings, models and memorabilia of the War of 1812 very excellently explained by our resident historian Fred Hallett.  Our guide was excellent and the whole visit a great and very interesting success. 


In the evening we all gathered at the Galway Bay Pub for a final bash bringing a very successful Rally to a close.  Our thanks are very much due to Sid and Rebecca on whom all of the work fell and whose organisational skills gave the rest of us a great time.