Downwind to Nevis

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Fri 1 Apr 2011 13:00

Position           17:08.92N 62:37.84W

Date                1400 – 1 April 2011


0710 departure, quelle horreur!  We rigged the pole before slipping and were able to set the genoa wing on wing with the main for almost the whole trip.  That and 20kts up the stern gave a wonderful run.  Caduceus was definitely a happy bunny even if the motion was rather rollier than some of the troop would have liked.


We picked up a buoy off Charlestown, Nevis at 1400 having covered 47nm downwind at an average speed of 7kts – a good sail.


The wind now blowing at 20-25kts and the mooring being some way from the dinghy dock John and Elizabeth stayed on board whilst Kate and I made a high speed and slightly wet dinghy ride into town to clear.  In customs we bumped into Rob and Sheila from Let it Be and shared the frustration of being able to clear customs and pay port dues but not immigration as they had knocked off for no known reason.  Probably “preparing” for an international triathlon taking place the following day.  It being Friday, any chance of finding Immigration before Monday was unlikely so we resolved to give up and sort it out in St Kitts.