Friday 9 July 2010 Final preparations at Dartmouth

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 11 Jul 2010 15:28

We were able to move onto the town jetty at 08:30 which made last minute shopping much easier.  The berth is interesting as it is not much longer than Caduceus.  Add to this, the only way to get into it is backwards and there is always a large audience of experts waiting to catch the tripper boats and ferries.





Shopping even included persuading Andrew to update his summer wardrobe in preparation for his visit to St Lucia in December.  The weather remained beautifully sunny which helped everything along.


A good WiFi connection allowed Martin to spend a considerable time on-line with Ed Wildgoose of Mailasail.  The result was that we now have fully functioning email by WiFi and satellite and we missed anywhere smart to eat.  Ubiquitous fish and chips out of the paper in a pub garden were on reflection not a bad final meal in England before we depart