Prickly Bay - Grenada

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 2 Jan 2011 16:00

Position           11:59.84N 61:45.85W

Date                1600 Local - 2 January 2011


(All times in this entry refer to local time, UTC -4 unless stated as UTC)


An early start, for Andrew anyway, of 0745 and we sailed away from Tyrell Bay in glorious sunshine and with 15 knots up the stern towards Grenada


We decided to go down the eastern side of Grenada which allowed us to give the interesting hazard of the Kicking Jenny underwater volcano a wide berth.  The Caribbean Passage Guide reassuringly says that if the volcano decides to burp this can lower the density of the water around it and following Archimedes Principle (my addition), you will sink!


Avoiding such hazards, sea monsters and the like we had a great sail to Prickly Bay where for the first time in a couple of weeks we found a calm anchorage.  The south east coast of Grenada has many deep inlets that provide shelter and good anchorage, attracting cruising sailors in large numbers.  We met John and Liz from the Island Packet Jalan Jalan, OCC members who completed the ARC in 2009.  They came over for a sunset drink and were able to explain the cruiser community and what goes on.  Sounds good!


Raid the freezer again, amazing T-bone steaks cooked to perfection by me; well I thought so.  I think that the barbeque is getting better as it acquires a layer of grunge on the burners.


We are convenient for the airport which is only 3 miles away.  Andrew leaves us on 4 January and we will be staying hereabouts recovering and being generally administrative until George and Janet Florence arrive on 8 January.