Ko Kraden - West side and Sunset Beach

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 5 Jan 2016 13:15

Position           07:18.48 N 099:15.01 E

Date                 1315 (UTC+7) Tuesday 5 January 2016

Distance run    2.3nm over the ground


It was just around the corner and up the other side to anchor off what the resorts call Sunset Beach; resort guests walk over the island to enjoy the beach and the sunset.  We walked the other way to take advantage of the “Paradise Lost” resort restaurant.  The resort looked basic but the restaurant was great and very popular.  We walked over earlier on a recce and to book a table.   It is about a ten minute walk and should be tried in daylight first; take a torch.


Anchored off Sunset Beach, Ko Kraden West Bay


And of course the sunset


Inside the Paradise Lost Restaurant.  Good food at a very reasonable price.

No wonder it was popular with escapees from the resorts