42:16.79N 8:49.70W Thursday 12 August 2010 Aldan, Spain

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 12 Aug 2010 22:59

The original idea was to sail the 1 nm across to the Isla del Faro, the more northern of the Islas Cies, re-anchor and take a walk across the island to the Atlantic side.  A somewhat robust weather forecast persuaded the majority of the fleet to head straight for the next overnight anchorage at Aldan, at the SW of the Ria de Pontevedra.  We anchored, launched the dinghy but decide then to follow the crowd.  The dinghy lift is working very well and allows us to carry the dinghy without removing the outboard motor which greatly reduced the time taken to launch and recover which in its turn makes the dinghy much more useable.



Aldan lies at the south of a small Ria.  Whilst the wind was blowing straight down the Ria we were afforded some protection by viveros (Large floating frames used for cultivating mussels) anchored to the north of us.


By the evening it was bloing quite hard and the dinghy ride to shore saw some rather wet sailors.  A supper of tapas where Pulpo (Octopus) majored was provided in the gardens of the Pazo Torre de Aldan. 


This building was started in the XII century

as a Fort against Viking and Arab pirates.  The owner, Fuencisla Roca de Togores kindly put at our disposal the outside of the Pazo, the ground floor, and the garden.


The evening finished with a flaming local speciality, it helped insulate against the even wetter journey back to the boat.