Piping at Sangalai School and an island tour of Uliveo

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Tue 7 Oct 2014 00:49

Date                Tuesday 30 September 2014


We had met the school headmaster after we returned from the Dance yesterday and in conversation about Kustom I mentioned the bagpipes.  The start if our island walk the following day therefore took in the school


Our host and guide Stuart at the school entrance sign.


Where I provided an explanation and demonstration of Scottish Kustom



Our next visit was to the island clinic where Elizabeth met and chatted with Bambi the very capable nurse.


The three villages on Uliveo are joined by wide beaten earth paths.  There are a few bicycles and no motorised wheeled vehicles.  During our walk we met all three village chiefs and the island chief


The villages are of mainly traditional construction with a small number of concrete block buildings



This is a training facility for post school young men teaching employable skills such as carpentry and construction



This climbing frame at the children’s kindergarten may well have been a project built by the training centre

No school run with mummy here.  Children making their way home from school along the “highway”


Stuart’s wife Anna outside her home.  She had just given birth to their fifth child, a son, named Milman after her brother.  We were able to print photographs for them.  The baby was delivered at home by Bambi, the nurse