42:46.60N 9:03.29W Monday 16 August 2010 Muros, Spain

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 16 Aug 2010 22:59

This was the longest and most interesting days’ sail of the Rally.  From Villagarcia and west down the Ria de Arosa there were two choices, south of the Isla Salvora or north of Salvora through the Canal de Sagres, a rock strewn channel only 250m wide at its most narrow.  The northerly route saved some 6 miles to windward and a procession of yachts picked their way around the rocks and beacons.


We had been promised a new mini-marina in Muros, but that has been promised for the last 6 years.  As a compromise the harbour authorities had cleared 100m of the fishing quay for us – now that really is influence.


Rafting up 3 deep provided some interesting manoeuvres and resulted in a very festive sight with some yachts dressed overall. We have yet to unpack our signal flags and assemble the necessary string of flags in the correct order – WIP.


The photograph shows Caduceus lying inside Joyant, Tom and Dorothy Wadlow from the USA, and Magic Dragon, Martin and Vivienne Thomas.



The day finished us entertaining Joyant and Magic Dragon followed by a quay party hosted by the Lagos family and friends and an impromptu dinner on board with Joyant and conjured up by Elizabeth.