42:45.41N 9:04.39W Wednesday 18 August 2010 Ensenada de San Francisco, Spain

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Wed 18 Aug 2010 22:59

Overnight the wind went round such that we were being blown onto the concrete quay – not a comfortable place to be.  Fenders and our fender board protected the boat but did not prevent a sleepless night.  The day dawned very foggy and the majority of the fleet seemed happy to stay put and take a taxi to the evening’s barbeque.


We definitely set a trend and our raft of three managed one by one to extricate ourselves from the quay with some old fashioned line handling to warp the boats out far enough to be able to get underway safely.


Fog, very similar to the Edinburgh Haar, appears a regular feature of this coast and we disappeared into it for the 2nm trip to the Ensenada de San Francisco and a more restful anchorage.  Our decision was justified when the fog rolled back and the sun came out.  One by one the other boats joined us until the bay was filled with the 20 Rally yachts.  Caduceus is on the left.



 Dinner ashore was a barbeque provided by a beach taverna – simple and robust!