Noumea to Kupang Day 2 - The start of a downhill schuss

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sat 3 Oct 2015 07:52

Position           18:56.05 S 161:34.96 E                              

Date                1200 (UTC+11) Saturday 03 October 2015

Distance run    in 24hrs 196nm over the ground, 170nm through the water

Trip total         333nm over the ground, 315nm through the water

To go to           Kupang Indonesia 2463 nm


Apparent wind, i.e. in the sail, 18knots

Mate -“Shall we take the cruising chute down?”

Slipper - “No let’s leave it until after lunch”

Mate - “Are you sure?”

Skipper as the wind hit 23 knots “Er no. Let’s do it now”


It was always thus.  Fortunately we got on with it before the wind rose further and it came down without too much excitement.  By the time that we had eaten the wind was up to 26 knots where it stayed for the rest of the 24 hours.  That and a favourable current gave us an excellent days run.  The sea was definitely providing the 3.5 metre waves and life under reefed genoa and reefed mizzen 


Dinner was from the freezer, a Boeuf Bougionne which went down successfully without too much decoration  of the clothing, even by the Mate.  Sleep was not so easily come by as the boat was being a little lively surfing at speeds up to 14 knots which for us is quite extreme.  Tiredness will sort out the sleep problem as we settle into the routine.


It’s behind you – the Mate has a pantomime moment with a large following sea