Biscay Triangle Leg 2 Day 2 and 3

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Thu 2 Aug 2007 17:24

After light winds early on day 2 the wind filled in from the north west as forecast. 


In bright sunshine we had some wonderful sightings of porpoise and dolphin.


After a couple of hours there was something of a revelation in terms of sail trimming and the correct combination was found.  As a result we went from being back marker to gradually overhaul the  other boats.  Wind and speed picked up to provide a very exhilarating nights sail with hourly run totals of between 7 and 9 nm. This continued through into Thursday morning and we arrived in Ile de Houat at 1530 local, a day before the expected earliest arrival time.  Within the hour two other rally boats arrived with the  hour and the final La Corunna boat expected 3 hours later.