Bermuda Day 2 - A cracking good day's sail

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Sun 1 May 2011 04:00

Position           22:33.27N 64:30.28W

Date                2359 – 30 April 2011


If you must go down to the sea again this was a good day to do it.  Following on from Day 1 and our first six hours up to last midnight we have had 24 hours of fast close reaching with the wind absolutely constant in direction only dropping slightly from 20 to15 knots.  This has given us 195nm through the water (200nm over the ground, i.e. 5kts favourable current) for the first 24 hours and 195.7nm (198nm OG) for the midnight to midnight run.  Not quite a personal best for Caduceus but very close.


Overnight we pulled slightly ahead of Alice, 3nm but navigation lights still insight.  With the dawn the wind eased slightly and we delayed taking out the reefs until they were within 1nm.  Since then we have maintained station at about 1nm and continued our three hourly radio contacts.  This is great as it allows exchange of ideas, latest weather analysis and general chat.  We appear very well matched for the conditions which is allowing us both to make realty good progress.  This will be most important as the weather for the rest of the trip does not look helpful.


During the day we caught up with Rainmaker, John and Laura Salmon, and gradually overtook them.  If the wind was lighter I suspect that they could outperform us but for the time being waterline length and weight help.



For now we will enjoy the progress with a clear sky, good wind and slight sea.  Night watches in these conditions are as good as it gets as the boat makes easy progress and the bow wave hisses down the side of the hull showering phosphorescence in the foam. 


Foodies note – French bread pizza for lunch courtesy of the Spanish Town supermarket, very good and a chef’s pre-prepared chilli for dinner also excellent.