Happy Anniversary but no returns yet

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan
Mon 4 Jul 2011 22:59

Position           44:23.55N 068:12.29W

Date                2359 – Monday 4 July 2011 (UTC -4)


Well, we have made a full year away.   Departure from the Royal Harwich at 1400 on 4 July 2010 is now one year 9,661nm and a huge number of great experiences away.



This was definitely a good day to celebrate, starting with a traditional 4 July Parade through Bar Harbor.  The Parade was a mix of fun and a celebration of the patriotism and national pride that Americans do so well.  A series of photographs are probably better than multitudinous verbiage.



There were many preserved vehicles but I only spotted one Brit’



I require an MG buff to provide the model details.


A regular feature of this parade are the “Shriners” who have amazing miniature vehicles that they use for displays to raise money for charity.




Go carts ramping over a moving vehicle in the middle of a crowd was a very clever display.


And finally a very clear message:



During the afternoon we took a bicycle ride out to Schooner Head, a very pleasant 10 mile ride with a tail wind coming back.  On our return the crowds were gathering, bagging a good plot in the park overlooking the band stage and the Town Pier where the fireworks were to be let off.  Ominously, it was getting foggier.




Our position in the Bar Harbor Hotel Marina gave us a grandstand view and we celebrated with some Prawns purchased in St Martin and rib eye steak from Las Palmas.  BBQ man to the fore!




Unfortunately by the time that dusk fell and the fireworks started the fog was rolling in.  This combined with the smoke from the fireworks produced rolling banks of mist that soaked up and reflected the light.  The display lasted over half an hour and was spectacular with very eerie effects.  The fog also enhanced the echoes rolling back from the surrounding islands.  A different display that is for sure – for a variety of obvious reasons there are no photographs.